Welcome to Chilli Scripts, the best place to add a full featured, traffic building classified advertisements section to your website quickly, easily and without breaking the bank!

Just consider the benefits a classified ads section will bring to your website...

  • boxclassifieds create 'stickiness' - keeping your visitors on site longer.
  • classifieds boost your page views and can help increase the number of inbound links to your site.
  • classifieds give you automatic content.
  • classifieds encourage regular and repeat visits as users post and browse ads.
  • classifieds can be used as a revenue center - charge for ad posting.
  • online classifieds are a huge 'growth' area.
  • classifieds work on just about any website - whatever the subject matter!

Our proven, feature rich, and highly affordable classified ads software means adding classifieds to your website is both rewarding and easy. Click here to order now!

bullet Installation

  • Over 50 individual scripts.
  • Easy to set up and run.
  • Well documented installation instructions.
  • Works on all Unix web servers.
  • Free upgrades within each major version!

Chilli Scripts is the best value for classified ad software that I've seen. The interface is user-friendly and the site looks great. Keep up the good work!

Carlos Tabora - DIYdemos.com

bullet Ad posting

  • Unlimited customizable and nested ad categories. You can have categories within categories up to 5 levels deep.
  • Users can post directly from within a chosen category.
  • Scalable to thousands of ads.
  • Users benefit from a photo upload capabilty.
  • Users can include website hyperlinks in ads.
  • Individual stats for ad searches, views, and replies shown to user for each ad.
  • 'My Ads' feature quickly displays all ads posted by an individual.
  • Ads can be edited at any time.
  • Admin can choose to moderate ads or let them appear immediately.
  • Automatic expiry and renewal emails.
  • Admin can set length of time ads stay online.
  • All this and more!

bullet Ad viewing and searching

  • Sophisticated keyword search functions.
  • All categories automatically sorted into alphabetical order.
  • View ads by date order, most recent, or oldest first.
  • Users can choose to sort and display only ads with pictures or URL links.
  • Links to ad submitter's website from within ad.
  • System displays total ads within each category/subcategory.
  • Dynamic front page featuring random ads.
  • File locking to protect data files.
  • Java code pop ups for fast browsing of search results.
  • 'Zap this Ad' feature for inbuilt community policing. Any user can Zap an ad and it is then hidden from them in search results. The 'Zapped' ad appears in the admin panel so the ad content can be checked.
  • All this and more!

bullet Registration

  • Choose to require registration or allow anyone to post ads.
  • Choose to require email confirmation as part of the registration process.
  • Admin can set time period in which email confirmation must take place.
  • Password protection so that only the original poster can edit and delete.
  • Password and email encryption keeps personal data safe.
  • Lost password notification by email.
  • 'Remember Me' feature saves users time and encourages repeat use.
  • All this and more!

bullet Administration

  • Browser based control panel.
  • View all users.
  • Delete individual users or ads.
  • Bad words filter.
  • Ban spammers from posting.
  • Admin can set ad duration and expiry notification periods.
  • Display 'hot' icon based on admin set number of ad views or % of all ad views.
  • Display 'new' icon based on admin set number of days since ad was posted.
  • Admin can set thumbnail image size and max image size if allowing photo uploads.
  • Automated renewal, expiration & deletion of ads with corresponding emails.
  • Admin can choose to be notified each time an ad is placed.
  • All this and more!

I really love this version. The new admin features are great and it's so easy to edit the categories, add banners, and modify the headers and footers to match your site. There's also a lot of marketing opportunities with the customizable email confirmations and ad expiration reminder. Kudos to chilliscripts.com!

Lisa Irby - affiliateblunders.com

bullet Billing

  • Run as a free ads system or charge for ad placement using PayPal
  • Bill your users securely in U.S. Dollars ($), Sterling (£), Canadian Dollars (C$), Euro (€) or Yen (¥)
  • Set any billing amount you wish for each ad placed.
  • Optional Sterling (£) billing using NOCHEX.
  • Proprietary 'anti-cheat' billing system means no lost revenue and no multiple posting.
  • All this and more!

bullet Email

  • Admin can set automated email functions.
  • Editable email templates for all messages.
  • Add your own email signature to all ad responses.
  • Bulk email all registered users or ad submitters.
  • All this and more!

bullet Design

  • Fully customizable HTML header and footer.
  • Easily integrates with the look and feel of your existing site.
  • All pages generated dynamically so changes occur immediately.
  • Easily change system font, table color, background colors, etc.
  • Integrated email contact forms.
  • Integrated ad policies, legal, and linking sections.
  • All the scripts you need for a complete, well rounded website.
  • Endless designs possible.
  • All this and more!

I looked at other classifieds scripts and was suprised to see how much more organized and professional looking yours are.. most others look like antiques compared... thanks!

Donnie Lyon

Order now or take a tour of our demos - the features in Chilli Classifieds are unrivaled among scripts in this price range!


Take a look at our Free Ads Demo or try our Paid Ad Demonstrations using Paypal to securely process payments in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros, Canadian Dollars or Japanese Yen. UK based sites are also able to process payments in Pounds Sterling using NOCHEX.

Post some dummy ads, do a few searches, and get a feel for the scripts and how they interact. Then check out some of the "Real World" example sites below.

This is just a small sample of the hundreds of sites who are already using the scripts with great success. Imagine what you could do on your website!



Of course! Log into our admin demo using the email address: demo and the password: flvby

Add your own HTML header and footers and see them appear instantly, alter the email messages, delete some ads, and see how easy it is to change the category structure to match your website topic. (Please note that for demo purposes, modification of the category structure is disabled.)

I have to tell ya, that this is probably one of the neatest, organized, and well layed out scripts that I have ever bought or seen... Nice job!

Jeff Rookard - EzeClassifieds.com


We supply detailed instructions that guide you through every part of the process. If you are new to CGI or would rather have us set the scripts up for you, we also offer an installation service for just $50 if you are hosting your web site through our Hagen Hosting division. If you are not hosting with Hagen Hosting, the installation cost is $200, and you will need a webserver with the following specs in order to run the scripts.

  • Perl 5.0 or greater.
  • Unix operating system (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc.)
  • Unix sendmail program or equivalent (sendmail, qmail, exim, etc.)
  • FTP access
  • Permission to write data files in the cgi-bin
  • Permission to run custom CGI.


The scripts are well proven and debugged, so most questions relating to installation, customization, and so on will have been covered before. In fact, many common questions are covered on our frequently asked questions page. We stand by our product and will ensure it is working on your server. If you have a query or question, for friendly, personal assistance, just ask!

I recently paid $1,346.40 on behalf of a client for Classified Software. After months of problems and no support from the software company I was desperate to find an alternative program. I found Chilli Classifieds!

I cannot praise their program and their excellent support highly enough. It is the best value program I have ever purchased.

Liam Nolan - FotoFinishers.co.uk


The best way to reach us is to use our contact form.

If you need to reach us by postal mail, you can do so at the following address:

Chilli Scripts
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Our telephone and fax numbers are listed below:

Telephone: +1 202-333-7969
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A zip file containing all the scripts for the current version (3.03) and detailed installation instructions is available immediately by email for the cash discount price of just $99! To order just click the link below.

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